BBB Team Memberships

We all find change hard, but when you do it as a team, the power to change is multiplied! 


A BBB Team membership with bigger Better Brains is the easiest way to start educating yourself and your community on the many ways music learning impacts the brain development.

  • Deliver professional learning to your teaching team without leaving your school or centre
  • Connect and inspire your team through powerful discussions about their teaching and learning
  • Make effective change in your teaching and advocacy tailored to your school

Join BBB as a team and supercharge your music programs.

How can you use your BBB Team membership

Get away from being the talking noticeboard for your teachers and get into some deep and exciting conversations about learning

Use our professional readings and teaching reflections as the focus for one staff meeting each month

Use our quarterly BBBDiscuss activities to stimulate important conversations between your staff

Book in an annual Q&A session with Dr Anita Collins to engage your staff in the latest neuromuscial research

Challenge your staff to share the research with one colleague or parent outside your team

Allow your team to pick one teaching practice they want to change or embed in response to the research

BBB Teams get MORE!

All BBB members receive exclusive access to:

  • Presentation and Advocacy Tools – So much content in one place to help with presentations to parents, colleagues and school leadership. Members can access our extensive library of PowerPoints, research summaries, infographs and videos.
  • Curated Videos – We have curated the very best videos by neuromusical leaders and cutting edge researchers for you to access and use.
  • Valuable discounts – Members save $100 off our most popular course, the BBB Educator course (Australia only), and many other savings.
  • Shareable content – Members can access and share exclusive resources. The BBB Facebook also has content for you, so please follow us.

This is exclusive content and research, which is only accessed by a member login.

Team Membership

Perfect for teams

Full access to the BBB resourses

Billed annually for a team of 3 or more teachers

Preview a Professional Reading and other membership options

If you would like to preview one of our Professional Readings, or if a team membership does not suit you or your school, click on this button to see our other membership options  Click here

Come along with us!

Picture this: Action-packed resources and cutting-edge tools, all grounded in scientific research, delivered straight to your inbox.

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