BBBX – Word Decoding

Welcome to our newest release, the BBB Explained video series.

The next video in our series is on Word Decoding. This video is a great advocacy tool for explaining how music learning can help students enhance Word Decoding. Word Decoding is the ability to connect letters with their sounds, identify pattens in words and pronounce words correctly.

These videos are designed to focus on a single area of learning that music learning can enhance. We want to help parents, students and staff to better understand the impacts of music learning on brain development, so share these short videos through your social media feeds and emails

Looking for resources about Auditory & Working Memory?

Click on the link below to open up the BBB Resource Finder, an interactive PDF which provides you with hyperlinks to all of our most relevant resources regarding Decision Making!


Ahissar, M., Protopapas, A., Reid, M., & Merzenich, M. M. (2000). Auditory processing parallels reading abilities in adults. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 97(12), 6832–6837.

Corrigall, K. A., & Trainor, L. J. (2011). Associations between length of music training and reading skills in children. Music perception29(2), 147-155.

Moreno, S., Friesen, D., & Bialystok, E. (2011). Effect of music training on promoting preliteracy skills: Preliminary causal evidence. Music perception29(2), 165-172.


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