BBBX – Task Switching

Welcome to our newest release, the BBB Explained video series.

The next video in our series is on Task Switching. This video is a great advocacy tool for explaining how music learning can develop Task Switching skills.  Task Switching is the ability to shift attention form one task to another.

These videos are designed to focus on a single area of learning that music learning can enhance. We want to help parents, students and staff to better understand the impacts of music learning on brain development, so share these short videos through your social media feeds and emails.


Hennessy, S. L., Sachs, M. E., Ilari, B. S., & Habibi, A. (2019). Effects of music training on inhibitory control and associated neural networks in school-aged children: A longitudinal study. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 13, 1080.

Zuk, J., Benjamin, C., Kenyon, A., & Gaab, N. (2014). Behavioral and neural correlates of executive functioning in musicians and non-musicians. PLOS ONE, 9(6), e99868.

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