NeuroMusic Module 1 Book


Enhance your understanding of neuromusical research and continue your professional learning at home with NeuroMusic 1 by Dr Anita Collins.

Welcome to the third volume of NeuroMusic. This book is a collection of readings produced for the members of the Bigger Better Brains community and first published during 2019 on the BBB Website.

The Neuromusic Module 1 covers the topics of Sound, Language, Development and Research.

What’s inside?

This 100 page compendium contains 12 professional readings and their accompanying teaching reflections, as well as helpful fact cards and links to research – all about the neuroscience of music learning.

The digital version is completely interactive and perfect for those who work best online. The hard copy is ideal for those who enjoy the feel of pen on paper and taking notes in the margins.

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Hard Copy, Digital Copy, Hard Copy Vol. 1 & Vol 2. Bundle


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