Habits for Learning – Middle/Secondary School



Whether your goal is to expand your knowledge in a specific field or gain access to a comprehensive toolkit and resources tailored to a particular audience, each bundle has been thoughtfully designed to simplify your life.

What is BBB Bundle – Habits for Learning (Middle/Secondary School)? It is a downloadable resource bundle filled with research, tools, and information. These tools can either be shared with your community to enhance their knowledge or used by teachers to increase their own confidence and effectiveness in communicating with others.

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Get your message out (Communication bundle) – $30

Supercharge your Advocacy (Development bundle) – $50

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How to use the BBB Bundle

Develop yourself: These tools have been designed to facilitate your learning and understanding of the research on music learning and brain development. Discover practical ways to apply the research directly to your teaching.

Share directly with Parents: These tools have been exclusively tailored for direct sharing with parents. Use these resources as a tool to connect with parents, gain their support for the work that you do and help them understand the powerful benefits of music learning.

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BBB Bundles

Get your message out – Communication Bundle, Supercharge your advocacy – Development Bundle


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