BBBBoost Convo-Cards



Bright and colourful, our BBB Convo-Cards will catch your student’s eye and make them eager to read and learn more!

Sporting the catchy “Keep Calm” design, each card is filled with information about how music learning strengthens skills such as literacy, social interaction, cognitive development, self-esteem and more.

Use these Convo-Cards to encourage discussion for your students about the power of music.

Pass them out at Open Days and Parent Information sessions or display in your classroom

Convo-Cards can be ordered in packs of 30, 60 or 90.  


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Additional information

Cards Quantity

30 Convo-Cards, 60 Convo-Cards, 90 Convo-Cards, Not this time

Cards Type

Keep the Beat, Learn an Instrument, Join a Choir, Mixed


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