BBB Facilitator Course

Become a certified Bigger Better Brains Facilitator and leader in music learning.


The BBB Facilitator Course builds on learnings from the Level 1, BBB Educator course and helps you hone your presentation and advocacy skills using neuromusical research. It is highly personalised and small as there is greater individualised attention and a focus on participants designing and presenting their own content. It’s an opportunity to join and work with like-minded music educators.

This course focuses on three pivotal audiences; parents, school leaders and students. Completion will propel your teaching, presenting and advocacy skills to new heights.

Complete this course to:

Refresh your knowledge to be up to date with all developments. Neuromusical research is moving at a phenomenal speed with significant changes in just 1 to 2 years.

Master your presentation and advocacy skills. In this highly personalised course you will present, observe, workshop, receive and provide feedback to grow these important skills.

Where else can you connect and collaborate with liked minded educators and other neuromusical experts? BBB brings you together!

Perfect your communication skills and have cutting edge research at your fingertips to communicate effectively to parents, school leaders and students.

Join the course as an Educator – leave as a Change Maker, to continue the amazing impact you are having in your school and community.

Become a leader in the music learning community!


The BBB Facilitator Course is only available to existing BBB Educators. All BBB Educators would have received an email with the password to access this course. If you have not received this email, please contact us at

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