BBB Educator Course 2019


Join the Bigger Better Brains community by becoming a certified Bigger Better Brains Educator.

On the first day, award winning Australian neuromusical educator, Dr Anita Collins will explore the in-depth science around the impacts of music learning on brain development! This is an opportunity for those of you who have heard Dr Collins speak, seen her TED and TEDx work, enjoyed her on TV or read her articles to deepen your understanding of the nature of music learning and the brain.

During the second day you will work closely with Dr Collins to find practical applications of your new found knowledge. You will improve your practice as a teacher and supercharge your advocacy efforts in your schools and organisations!

There will be courses held in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane in 2019. All courses are certified with ACT TQI for 10 hours of professional development.

Completing this course will give you access to the BBB Facilitator Course which will be launched in 2020. This course will be the next step in your development, taking you from a certified BBB Educator to a BBB Specialist.

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Adelaide – Sold Out, Melbourne – Sold Out, Sydney – Sold Out, Perth – Oct 7 & 8, Brisbane – Sold Out, Auckland – November 21 & 22, Wellington – November 18 & 19

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