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Learn in your own time, in your own way

Our online courses give you access to the neuromusical research in a way that is easy to understand and apply to your own teaching settings.

Dr Anita Collins, founder of Bigger Better Brains, has created a variety of self-paced courses to help you directly applying your new knowledge to your everyday teaching work.

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A BBB online course will give you

Expert knowledge in the brain science of music learning

Personal confidence to share the neuromusical research effectively and correctly

Professional inspiration to apply the neuromusical research to support your teaching practice and advocacy campaigns

Accredited professional development hours in Australia

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Our Starter Course is a great place to start!

The BBB Online Courses are built for busy teachers. It is very rare for music educators to have hours in a row to dedicate to professional learning, but they do have the odd 30 minutes here or there.

Our online courses are built to be completed in bite-size chucks so you can keep working away at the your course when you have the time and the energy. Our courses also contain a mix of video and written materials to cater to your preferred way of learning.

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Designed for music teachers by a music teacher!

Dr Anita Collins understands the pressures of a music educators professional life which sometimes gets in the way of the desire to keep learning and growing.

The online courses are designed and delivered by award-winning neuromusical educator, researcher and author, Dr Anita Collins.

She has designed each online course with these issues in mind and provides innovative and flexible solutions to suit any educator.

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