The sounds we hear can change our brains.

One of the biggest issues music learning has is the fact that it seems to be able to do it all; to improve children’s language skills, their ability to pay attention, to read, to problem solve, to calm anxiety, to deal with discomfort, to stick with a difficult situation or question, to remember new ideas and to connect them with previous experiences etc etc etc. Quite rightly, people who have not had exposure to music education or the impacts on children ask the question “how can one activity do so many things?

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The answer is that music learning is a package, a package that “actively engages our attention, memory and the brain’s sensory motor, cognitive and reward systems.” This high level of simultaneous engagement that occurs in a single experience is why it is so impactful for brain development. If music learning is like lifting weights, then we are doing leg day, arm day and cardio day all at the same time. That is why music learning is so impactful.

Enjoy this article where Prof Nina Kraus explains that “We really do know that making music can change our brain for better throughout our lives.”

You can checkout the article here


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