The “How Music Learning Helps” Resource Series

The BBB Team has been hard at work to create exciting new content for our loyal followers, subscribers, educators and members, and we are excited to announce the new set of resources called the “How Music Learning Helps” series.

The series consists of three informative documents to provide you with the research behind how music learning helps a particular area of learning. The series includes the following topics:

  • How Music Learning Helps Literacy
  • How Music Learning Helps Numeracy
  • How Music Learning Helps Social Skills
  • How Music Learning Helps Attention & Memory
  • How Music Learning Helps Cognitive Control
  • How Music Learning Helps Social Behaviours

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Each area of learning contains an Infographic, a Research Summary and a PowerPoint with extensive notes to help you present confidently. Each document presents the research in different and engaging ways for you to use with your different audiences. We’ve added some previews here for you to see.

How Music Learning Helps Literacy

Here’s a social media friendly version for you to share to your community!


Our infographics act as a great visual to remind your students, parents or school leaders of the important role music learning plays in benefiting other areas of learning. BBB Members can download this infographic for free to print or use in digital media. We have paired these with the PowerPoints and research summaries so that you can maintain that consistent message and look, delivered in different ways.

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PowerPoint Presentation

We’ve taken all the research about the affect of music learning on literacy and summarised the important points into a PowerPoint for you. We’ve even written comprehensive notes on each of the skills that are benefited by music learning. This is perfect if you are about to give a presentation to your school leaders or parents about why music learning is important – and it’s referenced! You’ll also notice that this powerpoint focuses on the same benefits portrayed in the infographic. Use these two resources in tandem to reinforce your points to your audience.

Get access to this PowerPoint and others 

Research Summaries

Some school leaders don’t have time for a powerpoint presentation and may need a quick and comprehensive summary of the benefits your music program is offering to students of your school. The research summary is the perfect resource for you. Written by Dr Anita Collins, these research summaries breakdown and explain the neuroscience behind the different benefits of music learning for literacy. You can also include these in newsletters or other communication mediums with your parents.

How do I get access to this and more?

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