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Welcome to the “Get your Bigger Better Brains at home” series. This is in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the move by countries around the world to shut down school and commence at home learning for an extended period of time.

We want to help. As you would know BBB’s mission is not to tell you how to teach, our mission is to give you access to research which can help you help others understand why and how music learning is so important for brain development. To that end the “Get your Bigger Better Brain at home” starts today and is specifically aimed at producing materials you can immediately share with parents and students.

This is how it works

The BBB at home series is based around activities that can be done at home to either relieve stress and/or supercharge their brains for learning. We’ve produced activities for children between 5-18 years of age. We have listed the activity and how to approach sharing or motivating your child to add the activity into their day. The activity itself is only a starting point for creative adaptions or suggestions.

We are focusing on the ongoing benefits of music learning. Each activity includes a list of the brain benefits it offers for your student. We want this to be the key to motivating parents to suggest these activities to their children. This is where you as the teacher can really use the brain science to show how vital music is for managing a child’s stress and engaging them in effective learning at home.

Not every activity is for everyone however just doing one of these activities every day will help. These activities are not designed to be a different activity every day. We want to catch the attention of your parents on just one or two of them, but to do this we have to give them lots of different, and sometimes whacky, ideas. We would suggest you either – share one activity every day or watch for the activity you believe best supports your teaching and would really spark the interest of your parents and students.

You will see we have used the word child instead of student. This is because these resources are specifically designed to be immediately shared with your parent community.

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