How listening to music can have psychological benefits during lockdown

Streaming services are getting a great workout during this period of lockdown. We are watching TV and listening to music more than we ever have before, as we deal with the stress and uncertainty of the COVID-19 world.

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This article gives us an excellent summary of the ways that music listening can have physiological benefits, and it is a great reminder of the ways we can use music to improve our wellbeing during this difficult time.

  1.  Music Can Improve Your Cognitive Performance – With lots of children learning at home, and many adults also learning new things, cognitive performance needs to be at its best during lockdown.
  2.  Music Can Reduce Stress – Lockdown has the capacity to amplify our stress. Finding a way to relieve the stress quickly when comes is so essential right now.
  3.  Music Might Help You Eat Less – Has anyone else found themselves staring into the refrigerator more than you normally would? It could be a way to relieve boredom, or as stress relief, but ultimately it will be easy to overeat during this time. Let music help you lessen the urge.
  4.  Music Can Improve Your Memory – Has anyone noticed they seem to have forgotten what day of the week it is? This is not so much a memory issue as the loss of our regular routine. But our memory capacities, particularly our working memory, are impacted by stress and uncertainty. Music can keep us sharp in terms of cognitive function and memory.
  5.  Music Can Help Manage Pain – Even being just less active is going to lead to joint and muscle stiffness and pain, not to mention those who live with chronic pain or a difficult medical condition. Music has been used for centuries to relieve pain in the mind and the body.
  6.  Music Might Help You Sleep Better – We all need this, and we need it even more when stress and uncertainty are heightened.
  7.  Music Can Improve Motivation – Get up and, if it is within the current lockdown rules, get out there. Music can help you want to get moving and get your daily exercise minutes up.
  8.  Music Can Improve Your Mood – Few people would be finding this time easy, and this will always impact on our mood. Music can change and improve our mood faster than food or exercise, so let’s use it as a mood enhancer.
  9.  Music Might Reduce the Symptoms of Depression – During these trying times, episodes of depression or depressive states are going to be difficult to avoid – music can help us all deal with these difficult times.
  10.  Music Can Improve Endurance and Performance – None of us really know how long the lockdown conditions will last, so the ability to endure and continue to perform as employees, leaders, parents and family members is paramount.

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