Can singing in a choir benefit you or your community?

Group singing scientifically strengthens a community 🎶🧠

“You hear people say all the time, ‘Oh, I can’t sing’ or ‘I’m not good enough to sing,’ and I really think that’s a shame. It goes against our evolutionary history.”

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Let’s take ourselves back just a bit. What did we “use” singing for? In a time when our world was less industrialised we could have used it to feel good, to feel connected, to feel part of a community or to tell our stories. Has this changed? Has the original evolutionary reasons changed with the invention of the wheel, the printing press and the iPhone?

The answer is no. But when was the last time you sang with another group of humans in your community or your tribe?

Neuroscience and psychology research has helped us understand that the original reasons why we might have developed music and utilised group singing from an evolutionary perspective are still the same. Singers in a group actually get physiologically in sync, their heartbeats and body temperature readings become aligned, and this leads to an improved sense of well being. From a rock concert to a Barbershop quartet you can benefit from community singing. Lah Lah Lah!

A great article. You can enjoy it here 😮


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