Brains works in sync during music therapy

Imagine a music therapist and their patient wearing EEG caps. Imagine them working together and coming to a moment when the therapy was “working”. Imagine seeing the EEG signal suddenly change for the patient, and then seeing the same change in the therapist just afterwards. Imagine both the patient and therapist identifying afterwards that this was the moment when the therapy was working.

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“Music therapists work towards “moments of change,” where they make a meaningful connection with their patient. At one point during this study, the patient’s brain activity shifted suddenly from displaying deep negative feelings to a positive peak. Moments later, as the therapist realised the session was working, her scan displayed similar results. In subsequent interviews, both identified that as a moment when they felt the therapy was really working.”

Now imagine if we could watch the same moment happen between a music teacher and their student? Have you ever felt that moment as a student or a teacher? Within the BBB team we have felt it often and we can remember every single time it happened. We are wondering if it is the same or similar to the therapy moment of change? What an interesting study that would be!

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