BBB Member’s Content – Sneak Peak

As a result of the pandemic, the BBB Team made the decision to create a huge amount of new content to support music educators working from home. Since we also had a lot more time on our hands, we created new info graphs, new power points, new activities and a new online course to help music educators continue their development into neuromusical educators at home.

Many of our subscribers have asked us to summarise what new content we have created since the beginning of lockdown for BBB members and we listened. Here is a sneak peak at some of the new content for those of you wondering what has changed!

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Music Learning Helps Series

To help our members advocate for music education in their school/community, we created a number of resource packages that consist of an Infographic, a Research Summary and a PowerPoint about important skills that music learning has been shown to develop through research. The topics discussed are:

  • Music Learning Helps Numeracy
  • Music Learning Helps Neural Development
  • Music Learning Helps Dyslexia
  • Music Learning Helps Autism
  • Music Learning Helps ADHD
  • Music Learning Helps Social Skills
  • Music Learning Helps Social Behaviours
  • Music Learning Helps Cognitive Control
  • Music Learning Helps Attention & Memory
  • Music Learning Helps Literacy

Here’s a sneak peak at one of the full packs

Members are able to download and print these as A3 Posters to display around their music departments and music studios. They are a great way to get students to start talking about the benefits of music education for their brains, and to get School leaders and parents to begin to understand the variety of skills music education develops.


Infographic Research Summary

The Research summaries are a 3-page, brochure size document that gives a detailed summary of findings from the most recent, cutting-edge research on the relationship between music learning and brain development. These documents are short and succinct, making them the perfect document to give to a School leader who is wondering about the benefits of your music program or for a parent who believes that music lessons are no longer beneficial.

Here’s a sneak peak at the matching PowerPoint

This PowerPoint presentation is intended to help you introduce the research into the benefits of music learning and learning difficulties to your school leadership, school staff or parent community. Each slide has notes written by Dr Anita Collins to ensure that you present and speak confidently about the benefits of music learning.


The BBB at Home Series

As part of the our response to music educators teaching from home, we created a series of activities for music teachers to distribute to their students’ parents. These activities are designed to help parents keep their children engaged with music in fun and creative ways. Whilst many of our members in Australia are back to teaching face-to-face, many of our members from other parts of the world are still teaching remotely, so these activities are more important than ever!

Here are the links to 6 of the most popular activities. There are 12 in total and you can find links to the others on each one of the pages below, or by going to our News Page and clicking the “BBB At Home” tag.

BBB Starter Course

We created an online course which aims to introduce music educators to the world of neuromusical research. This course takes about 1-2 hours to complete and is accredited by TQI for 2 hours of Professional Development.

You can take the course here

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