Are musicians‘ brains wired differently?

Can we introduce you to a researcher to watch – Dr Psyche Loui

Dr Psyche Loui is a psychologist, neuroscientist and musician who investigates how music can be used to understand the brain. She is a violinist and works to connect our understanding of the brain with the experience of being a music learner and performing musicians.

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This is a really lovely video created by the BBC that introduces Dr Loui and her work. The interview that is based around will be particular interesting to string players and teachers

“The brain structures of violin players show how our senses can be modified by practising a skill. Our brains reorganise themselves as we grow and learn – this is called neuroplasticity. The more we work on a particular skill, the more ‘cortical representation’ – how much of our brain is dedicated to those motor movements – we see in the brain.”


See the original video here


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