Announcing NeuroMusic – Volume 1

We’re very excited to announce the very first compilation of professional readings from 2019. It is all of the benefits of a BBB membership in one place.

It’s important to use our time at home effectively and not fall behind in our development as neuromusical educators. NeuroMusic offers you the opportunity to develop your understanding of the neuroscience behind music learning with a year of professional learning all in one place.

Introducing NeuroMusic – Volume 1 by Dr Anita Collins

This book is a collection of readings produced for you, the members of the Bigger Better Brains community, and first published during 2019 on the BBB Website. We know many of you missed out on some of these so we have compiled them for you to access again.

Bigger Better Brains’ vision is to equip music educators around the world with the knowledge and materials to advocate for music education in an entirely new way.

How to use this book at home

This collection contains copies of the twelves professional readings we published in 2019 and their accompanying teaching reflections. In this format you can go back and reread and revise the readings you enjoyed and were challenged by. If you like getting immersed in a fascinating book you could find a comfortable reading spot and read through them all at once.

If you like to read and then think deeply about the concepts you might set yourself a short learning period every day and, with a cup of tea or coffee in hand, enjoy one reading each day.

You might like to complete the teaching reflection for each reading straight away while it is fresh in your minds, or you might want to challenge yourself to see how much information you have retained after a day or two to digest the new ideas and knowledge.

We have released two versions of the book – digital and hardcopy – to cater to the different ways people like to learn and store your work. If you love working digitally we have made an interactive PDF version that you can write all of your great ideas straight into and hit Save. If you love the feel of pen on paper and love the tactile feel of a good post-it note, we have made a hardcopy version just for you.

However and whatever you decide to use this book for, we hope you are invigorated and inspired to try new things in your teaching and explain neuromusical concepts with confidence and enhanced knowledge. To this end, we have also taken the time to make this book look fantastic and add in research links and suggestions that will help you explore the topics you find most exciting and relevant to your work

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