Ageing in harmony: why the third act of life should be musical

When we think of music learning, we often associate it with childhood. After all, we are in a heightened learning zone and we are in an environment where consistency is easier to manage with school most days of the week

This great article points out that music learning is beneficial throughout our lives, including in the period of life when work and child rearing are done and the focus on longevity, physical and cognitive health are the so important.

Keep our sensory processing active is particularly important during this time. It is a natural and normal part of aging to lose some of our hearing capacity. Because our hearing and auditory processing are so important to our cognitive health, learning music provides a challenge to the brain and the body which forces our sensory processing to stay active and finely tuned.

Learning music is also a social activity which can help bolster mental health while giving our slightly less supple joints and tendons a challenge that will also keep them healthy.

All in all, learning music can enhance our bodies and brains at any point in our lives. So instead of immediately imagining a young child with a musical instrument, maybe broaden that imagining to beginner violins in the hands of 30 octogenarians as they learn hot cross buns. Oh what a beautiful noise.

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