A violinist, vocalist and a non-musician walk into a bar …

I am sure there is a joke in there, but as you think about what it is, you should have a look at this new study. It looked into the differences between auditory processing skills, like auditory memory, and speech in noise.

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The two musician groups were found to have better auditory processing across numerous skills when compared to non-musicians. However, they didn’t find any difference between the violinists and vocalists.

This finding led the researchers to propose that their study supports previous research which found that music learning improved auditory processing. However, there didn’t seem to be one instrument that was markedly more effective than another.

Our question is, both vocalists and violinists focus on melody making. Would the same be found when you compared groups of percussionists and tuba players?

How is that joke coming?

You can read the article here!

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