How does drumming assist school children diagnosed with autism?

Did you struggle to maintain your concentration when doing your homework? Maybe you should have learnt rock drum kit.

In this study (see link) they found that 10 weeks of rock drum kit improved dexterity, rhythm, timing and the ability to maintain attention for children with autism.

Lead researcher Dr Marcus Smith, a Reader in Sport and Exercise Physiology at University of Chichester, said: “This is a unique and remarkable research project that has demonstrated the positive impact on a pupil’s health and wellbeing following rock drumming practice. Rock drumming as a potent intervention for individuals experiencing brain disorders, such as autism”.

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There are many brain disorders, including Autism and ADHD, linked to a mistiming of brain function and inter-connectivity. Many music educators would be able to articulate stories about autistic students or students with ADHD who have been drawn to and indeed thrived once they are involved in music learning. Now researchers are trying to piece together why this might be so.

Students underwent a 5 week music program which consisted of 2 x 30 minute drumming lessons per week. They were then compared with a control group of matched students who were not involved in the drumming lessons. The intervention group experienced positive social and behavioural changes additionally a significant improvement was noted in their ability to maintain their concentration levels. This finding was particularly interesting given the relatively short period of intervention.

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“Drumming has a unique blend of physical activity, coordination and musicality, all of which are known to be beneficial to well-being. It has been amazing to watch the children thrive and develop to this challenge”

Rock on! 🤘🏻

You can read the article here

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