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Here at Bigger Better Brains we believe that through educating yourself, you can then educate and affect positive change in your community.

With all of the research in the field of neuromusical science, our BBB Research section serves as a content hub for you. We regularly share findings and break down the latest research to educate and inspire discussion. We hope you enjoy this page on our website and share BBB news with your colleagues, parents and students.

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  • In this new documentary film from the LiveLab at McMaster University in Canada, PhD researcher Dana Swarbrick created an experiment to explore how audience participation changes the impact of a concert experience. In education, we sometimes include audience participation in our concerts, but it may not be as significant as in a concert by adult […]

  • Music programs often grapple with a big question: should we give our students a variety of experiences learning different instruments, or should we get them to focus on learning and eventually mastering just one instrument? As almost always, the answer isn’t straightforward. In early childhood (between the ages of 0-5), providing opportunities for young children […]

  • The question “Does singing and listening to music during pregnancy help my baby’s brain?” and the answer are both complex and evolving. We do know that our auditory processing network is active before birth, probably in the final trimester, and that just after birth, babies use their music processing network to understand their mother’s speech […]

  • When we think of music learning, we often associate it with childhood. After all, we are in a heightened learning zone and we are in an environment where consistency is easier to manage with school most days of the week This great article points out that music learning is beneficial throughout our lives, including in […]

  • On Jan 3, 2023, Bigger Better Brains and I started a campaign we called “This is a not a…” campaign. At the essence of the campaign is the idea that music learning is not just learning music, but learning how to learn. We started with an iconic instrument, the violin, and challenged the viewer to […]

  • April 21 is ‘World Creativity and Innovation Day’ and a great day for us to celebrate and reflect on the human capacity of creativity and innovation. The research into music learning has helped us understand how creativity and innovation can be enhanced. 🎶 ✨ Let’s share this today! Click here to share and download

  • In a new study, it has been found that preschoolers who have better vocabulary and attention skills are more likely to be better at school This is not a shocking finding. Early childhood educators have been aware of this connection and indeed school readiness programs focus on building both of these skills. The dots that aren’t […]

  • Introducing Fireworks, our brand-new quarterly magazine for BBB+ members. Packed with BBB success stories and updates, a community interview, pieces written by Dr Anita Collins, and so much more. Fireworks will inspire and motivate you to advocate for music education. BBB+ members have already received their copy of the full BBB magazine. If you are […]

  • Issue 002 of Fireworks, the BBB magazine is now available to all BBB+ members. Packed with BBB success stories and updates, a community interview, pieces written by Dr Anita Collins, and so much more. Fireworks will inspire and motivate you to advocate for music education. If you are not a member, click below and to […]

  • Some of you may have seen a video that the NSW government released last week titled, “Maths Trains Brains”. One of our members challenged us to re-create our own to help broaden the thinking around music learning. Help us change the narrative by sharing this video. #MusictrainsBrains  

  • Do you remember your first music experience? The concerts in the lounge room for mum and dad, playing hot cross buns on repeat… EVERY student deserves music education! From reading to social skills, the skills students learn in music transfer to all! Download and Share #MusictrainsBrains  

  • Music learning has so many amazing benefits for students, but did you know that music learning is often used as a therapy tool for children with autism. Here is one of the best TEDx Talks we have found in the while that talks about the incredible impact of music learning of the autistic brain. Enjoy […]

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