Welcome (Group b)


Welcome to SoundSparks

Purpose of SoundSparks – This tool is designed to help you to understand your level of knowledge and skills in music education, and to provide ideas about how to progress your learning, both independently and with guidance, to the next level.

How to complete SoundSparks – The first time you use this matrix it will provide you with an assessment of the different knowledge and skills you have in music education at this point in time. Your aim is to use this information to help to progressively improve your knowledge and skills so that you gain confidence in teaching music education to your students. It is a good idea to complete the modules within the same week. Each module could take you between 5 – 15 minutes to complete, depending on your level of knowledge and skills.

Structure of SoundSparks – This tool has four modules: what do you know, what can you do, what can you teach, what is your level. Each module is designed to identify you current level and ways to progress in the four areas.