Module 2 – What can you do? Copy


What can you do?

This module will help you to discover your level of musical skills. There are two steps in this module, and first level (Starter Skills) is directly aligned with the Foundation level in the Victorian Music Curriculum, while the second level (Developing Skills) is directly aligned with the Levels 1-6 in the Victorian Music Curriculum. Each step asks you for your confidence level, and your answers will help determine which musical skills you need to focus on.

How do I find out my results?

As you complete SoundSparks, it is very likely that you will reach the end of a step and reach a message that says, “We have found your current level”. This means that through your answers, we have identified which step you need to keep working on. Once we have found your level, you do not need to continue in this module. At this point, you can progress onto the next module (e.g. If you receive this message on Module 2 – Starter Skills, you can then progress onto Module 3 – Teaching)

Within a fortnight of completing SoundSparks, you will receive a personalised report with all of your results. This report is important to share with your mentor, to help identify the starting points for your development as a teacher of music education. We envisage that this report will be automated in the future, but for now we will be compiling your results individually.