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Become a Bigger Better Brains Specialist

Bigger Better Brains courses are designed to introduce and educate you about the fascinating field of neuromusical research.

Our courses allow you to gain knowledge and understand how music learning impacts brain development and benefits every child’s development. Be inspired to make change in your school and community and have the ongoing support of Bigger Better Brains to help you.

Imagine the difference and confidence this will make to you as a teacher!

Neuromusical research is the use of music listening and learning as a tool to understanding how the brain develops, learns and changes through life.

The courses are delivered by award-winning neuromusical educator, researcher and author, Dr Anita Collins and are accredited for professional development.

Our Bigger Better Brains Starter course is a self-paced online introduction to music learning and brain development. Our two day Educator and Facilitator courses explore a higher-level understanding of how music learning impacts brain development with a focus on leadership, advocacy and teaching practice.

Our courses will give you expert knowledge, inspiration, professional skills, a personalised plan to create change in your schools and organisations with greater confidence to advocate effectively.

Become a BBB Specialist and an advocate to educate in your community.

BBB Starter

Online course

This online course is an introduction into the field of neuromusical research and teaching practice, perfect to spark your interest.

This is an online course, so you have the freedom to take it from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

BBB Educator

Level 1 Face to Face course

This introductory two day course will immerse you in the science of music learning and brain development.

Learn how music improves literacy and numeracy and develops social skills and executive function in your students.

Think differently and gain new skills for your teaching practice. Become an advocate for music learning.

BBB Facilitator

Level 2 Face to Face course

This two day developmental course will build on your knowledge from the BBB Educator course and help you hone your presentation and advocacy skills.

With this course you be able to lead significant change in your schools and organisations using highly effective communication and research skills.

Become a leader in the music learning community

“The Bigger Better Brains Educator Course provides a wonderful introduction into the field of neuromusical research by applying it to how we deliver music education in our primary, secondary and instrumental music classrooms.  Anita’s vision to see consistent, sequential music education throughout Australian schools is inspiring.  The tools I have received within this course to advocate for music education and develop the program within my school are invaluable.”

Jessica – Rockhampton Grammar School

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