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Welcome to the NeuroMusic Module 1 Online Course. This online course is the professional development component of the BBB NeuroMusic Volume 1 book. This course is based on the professional readings produced for the BBB community in 2019.

The Neuromusic Module 1 Online Course is a stand-alone course which covers the topics of Sound, Language, Development and Research.

Bigger Better Brains’ vision is to equip music educators around the world with the knowledge and materials to advocate for music education in an entirely new way. It’s important to use our time at home effectively and not fall behind in our development as a neuromusical educator.

NeuroMusic offers you the opportunity to develop your understanding of the neuroscience behind music learning with a year of professional learning all in one place.

In order to complete this course you will need to purchase or have purchased NeuroMusic Volume 1 in either hard or digital copy. You can add your preferred volume to your cart when you purchase this course.

For Australian educators, this course is registered for five hours of professional learning and covers the Australian Teacher Standards 1.1, 1.2 & 6.4.

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