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Welcome to the BBB Facilitator Course.

The BBB Facilitator Course builds on learnings from the Level 1, BBB Educator course and helps you hone your presentation and advocacy skills using neuromusical research.

Below is a timetable of your course. Please read through, making sure you are aware of the dates that your course preparation and self-paced work need to be completed and uploaded into the online portal.

To start your course, scroll to the bottom and click on “Part 1 – Offline Pre-course Preparation”.

This page can only be accessed via the URL. We recommend bookmarking this page so that it is easier to find in the future.


BBB Facilitator Course Timetable

Part 1: Offline Pre-course Preparation

This includes two short presentations and one written submission. During the course, you’ll share these with fellow BBB Facilitators for feedback, enhancing your neuromusical presentation skills. The pre-course preparation will need to be uploaded by Monday 9th October.

Part 2: Online Real-time Learning

This part will be completed via a virtual classroom. You will be able to find a copy of Anita’s slides in the online course.

Part 3: Offline Self-paced Learning

Self-paced online work to be completed and submitted via online portal. The self-paced work will include a mix of short form videos and written work. This work will need to be completed and uploaded by Friday 27th October.

Part 4: Online Real-time Reflection

Live online presentation by Anita (Virtual Classroom). This is the final workshop of the course. This time will be used to answer questions and go over the main points from your submitted work.

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