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Professional development for educators of students 3 – 12 years!

While all schools provide music learning, how do you know if what your school is providing is effective?  How do you ensure that every student is gaining the skills and improvements that music learning has been shown to provide?

While the research is clear, how to enact change by establishing or enhancing music programs is anything but an easy task. Where to start, what to change, what to keep, how to make it sustainable are all incredibly important and interrelated questions.

The BBB Brainwaves experience is your opporunity to find out how to deliver music learning in your school that benefits every student and can fuel school improvement.

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Dr Anita Collins is flipping the lid on professional learning.

She knows your time is precious and you need your professional learning to be worthwhile.

Teachers work so hard every day to engage their students in learning. Teachers deserve to be given a professional learning experience that actually inspires, energises and propels them and reminds them why they love their work.

Dr Anita Collins will be running three PD events in May 2023. Each will run for 90 minutes with Anita providing answers, research and scenarios to the questions that the group want to know. This is live and interactive with the questions all determined and voted on by you, the audience.

No more lectures and endless powerpoint and no one session will be the same. The audience are in the driving seat and get to set the direction of each session.

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BBB Brainwaves – An experience worth sharing!

A focal experience for every team and every school! Professional Learning should get ideas flowing and teams buzzing! Whoever supports, or you want to encourage them to support, the use of music learning in your school to improve student outcomes and fuel school improvement, bring them along to a BBB Brainwaves session.

With so many people to choose from, who will you be bringing along with you?

School Leader – Deputy Leader – Literacy Leader – Business Manager – Teaching Assistant – Stage Teaching Team – P&C Committee




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