What is it to educate to advocate?

Have you ever heard yourself say “why don’t people value what I do?”

Many music teachers tell us they don’t know how to effectively articulate the numerous benefits of music education for every student.

Imagine you could talk confidently to a parent or school leader, have reliable research at your fingertips and be able to craft your message for powerful impact…

This is what it means to educate to advocate!

Whether you are talking to parent, presenting to a board or writing program notes for your next concert, BBB has created the tools to help you.

Where it all began

Our idea all started when the TED Education video “How playing an instrument benefits your brain” written by BBB founder, Dr Anita Collins, was released in 2014.

It literally went viral and is now one of the most watched TED Ed videos ever made. If you have not seen this amazing video, you can watch it here!


What we do now

Bigger Better Brains is all about making your brain bigger and better in the exciting field of neuromusical research.

There is so much research and it is moving at a phenomenal speed. How can music educators keep up? The answer is let us do what we do best, educate.

We have created and provide music educators with advocacy tools, a membership, educational programs with accredited professional development and a large social community. The materials are designed to progressively improve your knowledge about how music learning improves developing brains. ​

The more music educators know about the field of neuromusical research, the better we can educate our own communities and change the importance of music education in every child’s life.

Become a member of BBB and receive exciting professional readings and teaching reflections straight in your inbox, have access to our video collection and quotable research, and enjoy many valuable member only discounts. Click here to become a member. 

Welcome the Bigger Better Brains community.


We believe that through educating yourself, you can then educate and affect positive change in your own communities.

Join us as we educate to advocate.

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