The Bigger Better Brains Story

Bigger Better Brains founder, Dr Anita Collins

Bigger Better Brains is all about making your brain bigger and better in the exciting field of music learning and brain development. We believe that to advocate effectively we need to first educate effectively, and this all starts with your brain.

Bigger Better Brains has created an educational program that has been written especially for music educators. The materials are designed to progressively improve your knowledge about how music learning improves developing brains. ​

​We believe that through educating yourself, you can then educate and affect positive change in your own communities. To help you in this next step we create advocacy materials you can use to educate and advocate to their own communities. From your students to parents to decision makers, BBB helps you “educate to advocate”.

Our idea all started when the TED Education video “How playing an instrument benefits your brain” written by BBB founder, Dr Anita Collins, and released in 2014. It literally went viral and is now one of the most watched TED Ed videos ever made.

That got us thinking. Music educators were using the video to educate their communities on the value and benefits of learning music, and it is having a profound effect. Bigger Better Brains grew from this dramatic shift in advocacy, and the writer of the TED Ed film, Dr Anita Collins, saw an opportunity to change the game for music educators around the world.

But there is so much research and it is moving at a phenomenal speed. How can music educators keep up? The answer it let’s do what we do best, educate. The more music educators know about the field of neuromusical research, the better we can educate our own communities and challenge and change the place and purpose of music education in every child’s life.

The BBB team is now taking a huge step forward to propel this global shift forward and continue the momentum of the TED Ed film. The BBB education program upskills you, month by month, about the new developments and fascinating research in the neuromusical field. The BBB advocacy materials arm you with tools to take your new knowledge to your communities to become the agents of change.

We believe that through educating yourself, you can then educate and affect positive change in your own communities.

Join us as we educate to advocate.

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