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  • At Bigger Better Brains, we know advocacy can take time, time you don’t have, so we have created these cards to help you advocate without even trying.

    Attach these cards to a document destined for your Head of Curriculum, attached to a note for a parent or to another member of staff who might not know how music learning can help students with their maths, english or science learning.

    Share the research with your community to educate. Watch for the subtle yet important shifts in understanding about the impact of music learning in brain development.

  • The Lullaby Effect opens your world to the science of singing to your child. Singing is a natural and instinctive activity that stretches back through human history; because of the pivotal role it has played in every civilisation’s past it has been extensively researched and catalogued. However, with the emergence of new neuroscientific and psychological research, we now know more about the power of music and  how it assists in your child’s cognitive and physical development. But does it matter what songs you sing, or if you sing in tune, or if you move or don’t move when you sing? The Lullaby Effect helps answer all those questions and more and is a great gift for expecting and new parents or for those experienced parents who want to understand how singing impacted on their child’s development.

    Prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and are inclusive of GST.

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