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Welcome to the BBB Starter Course. This course is an introduction into the field of neuromusical research.

Start your journey towards becoming a neuromusical educator with the BBB Starter Course. This course is designed to develop your understanding of the neuromusical research that is available in the world right now, and teach you how to apply it to your every day teaching practices.

Delivered by award winning neuromusical educator and BBB Founder, Dr Anita Collins, this online course is accredited for two hours of Professional Development with TQI and offers music educators an introduction into the field of neuromusical research.

This is an online course, so you have the freedom to take it from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

For Australian educators, this course is registered for two hours of professional learning and covers the Australian Teacher Standards 1.2 & 6.4. 

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